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APEXEL High Clarity Binoculars Telescope Adults Kids High Power Optical Professional Binocular Scope For Hunting Outdoor Sports

1.Clear Image:Multiple layer coated Aspherical Lenses elements for Light reflection and minimal distortion,better image brightness,contrast and quality.
2.Good Material And Design:Eyepiece with eye protective soft glue;Inner objective lens add yellow plated film turn-back film, in order to solve the problem of insufficient light, make the scene more clear;A truly infinite smooth varying zoom, precision focusing system;Ultra clear the built-in wide-angle lens, allows you to see larger Angle.
3.Easy To UseCorrective optical coating are good for color fidelity and minimize distortion. Diopter System adjusting the imbalance vision of both eyes. The smooth and large center focus knob makes it simple to operate and easy to focus.

Please Note:It cannot be used in a completely dark environment.

Product :Optical Powerful binoculars
Material: plastic
Product weight:700g
Magnification: 60X
Eyepiece diameter:16mm/0.6”
Objective diameter:35mm/1.37”
Field of View: 8mftat/160000m
Objective and green film:yes
Built-in coordinates:yes
Night vision:support
Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.0mm
Prism: BAK4
Sheath: rubber skin
Angle: 8.2 degree
Minimum focusing distance: 5.0m
Horizon: 17mm
Relative brightness: 25.00
Water fog: yes
Use:Perfect tool for Sightseeing, Watching Match, Concert and Hunting,Outdoor Sports Travel

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